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Greach 2018

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Greach 2018

The past 15th, 16th and 17th of March, Salenda had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring, as a Gold sponsor, the 7th edition of the Groovy Spanish Conference, Greach 2018.


This year, as the last one, the event was divided in six Workshops in two Tracks during the first day, and two days full of Groovy and Grails talks, with Salenda getting some attention giving five talks!



The Thursday 15th we could learn some interesting things as apply groovy language for building Lambda Groovy Alexa Skills, in Amazon Alexa Workshop with Ryan Vanderwerf, or learn how to find security holes in Grails application with Jacob Aae Mikkelsen on his workshop  Pen testing a Grails Application (Finding security holes).. We could also learn more about Spring security in Sergio del Amo’s workshop Grails Security 



On friday, Iván López welcomed us to the begining of the conference and give rise to the keynote by Paul King introducing Groovy 2.5 and the roadmap to come.



After that, we could enjoy the rest of the talks, many of them as interesting and funny as Ivan López’s speech I’ve seen Grails code you wouldn’t believe… that shown us how to properly write maintainable Grails applications and what things we don’t have to do, or the talk given by Alberto de Ávila and Alberto Barón, from Salenda team, wich was able to catch the attention of many attendants teaching us to give Nitro for our Grails applications with a pretty bunck of tips, tricks and tools.



At the end of this first day, the OCI team gave to the community an unexpected surprise. Graeme Rocher presented a new promising full-stack framework for building microservices, the amazing Micronaut, a framework for Java, Groovy and Kotlin, from the Grails team, that looks very promising, tiny, fast, and will take productivity to the next level when developing Micro Services, us Graeme could shown us in his demo Launching the Micro Future: Groovy, Grails and Project Particle



During this exiciting keynote, it was also announced the release of a new Grails version, 4.0, wich will be integrated with the already highly awaited framework, Micronaut!


The next day started very didactic with some tricks and tips to improve our testing on Grails 3 applications, presented by Tomás Crespo and Evelina Kieras, software developers at Salenda, and after that we continued to being surprised by the benefits of the amazing Micronaut, with a talk given by Álvaro Sánchez about reactive microservices with Micronaut.



The conference was coming to it end with the meal and the lightningtalks, some of them given, again, by our team, as the JavaMelody to measure Grails app performance talk given by Miguel Angel, or the other lighting talk Let Codenarc check if you write good code where Alberto de Ávila explained how to use and properly configure Codenarc to write better code


And finally the farewell, like other years, with a raffle where some attendees were lucky to win a nice micronaut’s T-shirt.


As the T-shirt for this edition says, Groovy (Micronaut) is comming! And we are waiting for more of this on Greach 2019!



Evelina Kieras
Evelina Kieras
Software developer at Salenda
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