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Greach 2017

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Greach 2017



One more year, and they are going for their sixth edition, last Thursday the 30th and Friday, the 31st March and Saturday, the 1st April was held in Madrid, Greach 2017, The Spanish Groovy Conference.



As it could not be otherwise Salenda going together, like a proud Platinum sponsor, much more looking at our 10th Anniversary.



As in previous editions, the 27 talks were divided into two days (Friday and Saturday) and as usual, in 2 Tracks to be able to attend to those that each one could choose.
In addition, on Thursday, and, as a novelty from last year, it had 6 Workshops in 2 Tracks throughout the day, where the speakers would expose various practical demonstrations, of course playing with Groovy and Grails, combined with other tools / technologies.


Precisely, we were not going to be left “out of the game” at the very beginning and one of the members of the Salenda family would give their practical demonstration of how to test a Grails application. Alberto de Ávila left us some brushstrokes of Spock and showed us how to do unit, integration and functional tests in a Grails 3 application (the repository and the slides).




On Friday, it was not going to be less, Ivan Lopez and Alberto Vilches were going to give the starting signal to the conferences leaving their place to Burt Beckwith who, of course, was up to his old tricks again, with his Keynote.



More talks and speakers giving samples of the amazing things we can do with Groovy and with Grails and, in between, Salenda, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary was to give a beer, especially handmade, to each of the attendees who wanted one and rewarding with a 50€ Amazon gift card just for a photo with beer and tweetting it.
But the day is over, and behind there is a great deal of acquired knowledge.




Saturday morning and all were attentive to what the day will bring, our stand is already prepared early in the morning, but there is the inevitable feeling that after the meal, the end of the Greach 2017. However, it is early in the morning and all eager to Start the day. We were going to have Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal with another talk, in which he were going to talk about “the smell of the clouds (Spring)”, where he showed us the things we can do using SpringCloud.



Then, the expected Grails Keynote, where Graeme Rocher was going to advance the things that are going to arrive in next Grails versions.



Finally, after the meal, a series of small talks were going to bring us, Tomás Crespo García, Salenda family member, giving it all with his talk about scripting using Groovy.



Nothing else, just to say that one more year the Greach has passed, we have learned a lot and Salenda and the Salenda team have been there to enjoy, improve, grow, collaborate and going together with the event.
In addition, our teammate Miguel Ángel García won an AppleTv in the final raffle, courtesy of OCI… Come on, we were in everywhere!




We are waiting for the Greach 2018!!!


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